September 1 – 9 The Throwaway Children
by Sara Whitaker
A two-weekend run. The play sheds an intense light on the reality of human
trafficking, the inhumanity, brutality, and degradation, but this same light
illuminates an avenue to freedom, healing, and redemption.



November 1 – 4 Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards
produced by East Texas Performing Arts
This unique event brings artists from around the world to perform here in
Jefferson, Texas. Fifteen nations were represented in 2017. Seven of our
acts had #1 songs in their own nations. Even now, in its infancy, the event
brought more than 70 international visitors to Jefferson and audience
members from California, Oklahoma, Florida, and Mexico City. Participants
and audience reported spending over $40,000 here in town. This event holds
the potential to become a huge attraction and to make a real difference in the prosperity of our downtown.

Featuring Marty Haggard performing his “My Dad” concert!



December 8 – 16 O Little Town of Bagels, Teacakes and Hamburger Buns
by Jeanette Clift George
A hotel coffee shop/bakery is host to several people, both new and long-time
regulars, on Christmas Eve. With lots of humor, tender romance, and strong characterizations, this thoughtful comedy, part love story, part re-affirmation
of Christmas, explores personal responses to the season. Funny, poignant, and universally relevant.