East Texas Performing Arts completed our 501(c)3 approval process June 5, 2014 after operating for two years, producing full stage plays, dramas, musicals, comedies, and musical concerts.

Our focus is on inclusion. We find a place for everyone. Our productions have featured professional actors and dancers, celebrity musicians, as well as ordinary people from three states. We bring musicians from all over the world to participate in Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards. And we coach, support, and train children, youth, and adults who deal with physical and emotional burdens, helping them create high quality performances in any genre they choose.

Our executive and artistic director and board president is Sara Whitaker. Sara holds a degree in acting from DePaul University and is a full-time theater teacher for the New Diana, Texas high school and junior high. Her extensive education, background, and experience imbue a high degree of professionalism in everything we produce.